We are Nadur

We are Nadur

Who says natural has to be dull and boring? It should look, feel and ooze seductiveness! Remember, you are not separate from nature, you are nature, so reveal your authentic natural-self. Embrace life in a bold new way, be inspired and insist on natural in all you do and never, ever compromise. Blurring the lines between art & science, we are creating a new paradigm by reinventing natural - no more blah, blah beige, just a new way of being.

Raw. Bold. Innovative.

We harness the power of nature to create premium skin care products that deliver on efficacy and functionality without compromising your health, harming animals or polluting the environment. All of our formulas contain sustainable, natural, plant-based, and chemical free ingredients that not only tick the "natural box", they also work! Performance and functionality are essential to what we do - Premium, Vegan, Natural Skin and Body Care.

Keep it skintastic

Essential, minimalistic formulas that focus on supporting the “acid mantle’, (the skins natural defense mechanism). Developed to address inflammation, our clean formulas are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients selected for efficacy and performance.

Blend baby blend

Nadur products are a careful blend of science and artistry. Using “green chemistry” we harness nature’s freshest active ingredients to create product that are safe for you and good for the planet too!

Serious about quality

We create all of our proprietary formulas, source all of our raw materials and manufacture our products directly. This ‘close to source’ process gives us greater control over the authenticity of our ingredients. Our products are EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 compliant.

The Celtic touch

From a land who’s earliest “Ogham” writing consists of twenty symbols that represent sacred trees we offer you Nadur, who’s name literally means nature. Influenced by our fierce Celtic and Viking ancestors, we dare to be different and invite you to do the same. With an appreciation for individuality and simplicity our ancestors understood and respected the intensity of nature and the importance of living in harmony with it. Why not be more Viking?

Join the tribe

Naturally ethical

As a brand we believe in the motto “beauty is as beauty does”. Our commitment to the environment is extended to all of the earth's inhabitants, people as well as animals. While we share the real and growing concerns for our natural environment and its wildlife, we are just as alarmed by the plight of the people that subsist in some of these environmentally fragile regions. Reciprocity, sharing and fair play are beliefs we work hard to promote. Supporting education and improving living conditions in deprived areas of the world has been and will continue to be of paramount importance to us as a company.

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